What is a custom-built home?

A custom-built home is a home that you have designed around your lifestyle.  There are home plans out there all over that you can take from.  However, if you are building a custom home, this will be unique and one of a kind.  You can design it any way you’d desire and that’s the beauty of having one.  The materials used to build can be as unique as you are.  It is important when building a custom home that you find a very trusted builder.  Custom homes will have to be designed with everything in mind from the gas to the plumbing.  Because of this you need a professional architect to ensure that your electrical wire isn’t going through a pipe somewhere.  Drawings allow the building contractor to have something to work from.  A custom home builder is typically who you would call on for a custom home build.

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Custom-built home

Where do you start when building a custom home?

You don’t have to have a location to get started on the drawings and design.  While something it makes more sense, as there are trees and things on properties that would get to be moved or you could build around them.  However, before the building process begins there will be some sort of land purchased to build them.  To begin, you either start with the land or start with the drawing.  Either way is typically fine. You will be needing a building contractor to get things going for you.

If you have decided that custom homes are right for you and your family, you need to get with a home builder but also get to work.  Start scouring the internet to know the best ideas that you may find.  For example, your bathroom has some options, do you prefer having a tub and shower combined?  Or maybe you are interested in having them separate entities.  Separation has been popular in recent years, but that does mean you have two fixtures to clean instead of one.  Be sure that you build your custom home for your situation and that it will grow with you.  For example, you may be young and have young children, however, they will grow and as they grow they will want their own space.  Plan the space within your design.  If you plan to stay in the home for years to come, then you will need to plan for aging as well.  However, if this home isn’t your last stop, then that isn’t really an issue.

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Are custom home builders more expensive?

In general, custom homes are more expensive than buying an existing house.  With an existing home, you already have the electric hooked up, city water and sewer if applicable, or the septic and drain field are there.  However, with a new house, you will have to add all of that on the top of the design build of a new house.  Also, there are some that builders build as production homes.  This means that they buy a field and put up the same house over and over again, making slight changes.  These houses are less costly as they are typically not built as well and the materials can be purchased in bulk.  Not to mention the crews on these homes get fast at building them, since they are the same each and every time.

You may also make some upgrades to your dream home that you may not get in a pre-built one that will increase the cost of the house.  What you choose to use to build your house will also affect the budget, obviously.

Is building a custom home worth it?

The construction of custom homes are absolutely worth it. You get to design your own for your needs.  This means that you can have that elaborate dream kitchen you’ve always wanted to be paired with that open and nice flooring design. Take your time and write down something that you best prefer when it comes to kitchen ideas, bathrooms, and layouts.  Do you prefer open floor plans or more cozy settings?  Your home is your castle and it should look and function as such.  Do you want a larger garage to store your toys?  Be sure to think about how you’d like the entrances to look and how important is it to you to have elegance or roof lines?

The roofline is really important to the look of the home.  Curb appeal is also something to think about.  How the exterior presents itself to what the inside will function as are all important.  Do you want a walk-in closet?  Maybe you like to separate his and her closets?  Need a new home office or a place to do your hobbies and crafts?  Be sure to put shelves in the house for storing books if you are an avid reader.  There are all kinds of different things that you can add to your house to make it more customizable.

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Hand sketches also help you to see what you are thinking.  Some people are very good with graphic design and you can use programs to sketch out the various rooms and dimensions to get a better visual.  Of course, there are professionals out there that can design up custom plans that you can even see in 3D.  Architectural drawings are what is going to eventually be necessary.  However, when you are throwing around ideas, there might be a lot of changes.  A whiteboard drawing is helpful as you can easily move walls and fixtures until you get something a little more solid.

Other things to keep in mind is how you will heat your water, what type of furnace you might want, and window styles.  The mechanics of a house, as well as the lighting, are things we see that people often forget.  You want the mechanics to be economical and be able to balance and deliver the heat and AC where you want it.  Lighting doesn’t have to be a central fixture in the ceiling. There are drop lighting and recessed lighting and all kinds of other lighting options.  If you are unsure, speak to your custom home builder for ideas.

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