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Are you looking for a garage builder to build an attached or detached garage? Having a garage is a wonderful asset. Putting your car indoors saves its paint and gives you a great place to get in and out of it without scraping the windows or sitting in high heat. However, not all homes were built with a garage in mind. Detached garages are nice as well. They can be used to park your car or to store your toys. They are wonderful to livestock additions or to have a place to store your tools and gardening equipment. Chattanooga TN contractors work with landowners to get them the attached or detached garages built to their needs and specifications.

While we build the attached garages, we can also install automatic door openers or even smart door openers. These devices are a wonderful addition to the attached garage and make it very easy for the homeowner to come and go. We work with you to bring you the height that you need as well. While some just simply are looking for standard height, others might need it taller to accommodate for farming equipment or a large RV, not a problem. We have worked with garage builds of all sizes and are happy to work with you.

attached and detached garage

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As a builder, we have seen countless home additions and remodels. If you are not sure how a garage would be put on your property, ask! We are always coming up with unique and fun ideas for our clients to give them the space they need and have a great looking outcome. You must get the space you need but love the look as well.
We have built pole barns and farming barns as outbuildings. These are used to house farming equipment and animals. This isn’t much different than building a detached garage but is just on a much larger scale. We not only offer detached garages but work with attached garages to homes as well. However, we also do kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, home additions, and more. We like to believe that if you can dream it, we can build it. Let’s get together and go over your budget and what outcome you are looking to achieve. From a napkin drawing to a completed project, we do it all for you affordably.

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An attached garage is a wonderful way to expand the space of your home. Garages are a place where you can park your car and a great place to hang out. We work with homeowners on what they would like to achieve in their garage. Maybe you would like a built-in bar or a workstation. We can do that! Our team of experts not only builds the structure but can accessorize it up as you see fit.
We take the time to go over everything with you properly. Our quotes will have a timeline on them, which we stick to as much as possible. If there is a hiccup due to a missing part or delay in shipping, we will let you know and work around it the best. If you are looking for a Chattanooga General Contractor garage builder for your next project, give us a call.

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