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Kitchen remodeling is an exciting time for every homeowner.  If you have been living with a non-functioning outdated kitchen, it is time to be free.  Take your kitchen to a whole new level that works as you need it to function. Kitchen remodeling comes in all forms, not just complete gut jobs.  In fact, we can install new countertops and paint the cabinets the way you want them to be.  Or you can make changes by rearranging the cabinets and appliances to better suit your needs.  You could also choose to move or reface the cabinets to achieve that modern yet chic look.  This is where you would take the doors off and add new doors.  While this doesn’t sound like it would improve much, it actually is a huge impact on the look of the cabinets as it is popular these days. 

Our kitchen cabinets are the base of our kitchen.  When they are not functioning or looking their very best they make a statement.  You need to clarify that statement by improving the design, build and function of your kitchen cabinets during the planning stage with the contractor to make sure that it will also fit with your preferred design of your dining room area.  A professional kitchen designer can help you to update and plan for your preferred kitchen design whether it’s a small kitchen or a larger one.  By taking some time to speak with the best kitchen remodeler contractor in Chattanooga,  you will get some ideas and options that you could look at. Depending on the budget, some things might have to wait to remodel or be repurposed to have a modern look. There are also other kinds of ways that you can repurpose the cabinets that you currently have which most of the homeowners find as cost-effective and without occupying another space in your kitchen.

Kitchen Remodeling Chattanooga

Kitchen remodel

Kitchen remodeler

The countertops, lighting and flooring can be repurposed as well but they don’t have to look as they once did. While many people are going to stone countertops, sometimes it simply isn’t in the budget.  We work with homeowners to help them with their decisions to get that look and dream kitchen they have always wanted on their budget.

Granite countertops can bring the look of your small kitchen to a whole new level.  However, installation and the materials can be out of reach for some homeowners.  That is why there are options that we can discuss during the consultation process before proceeding to the building process.  There are finishes that we can apply to your current countertops that will give them the look of granite without the cost of the stone making it like you install a new kitchen in your house.  While this option is ideal, it can be done along with tremendous planning in kitchen design.  There are also other stones and other countertop options such as concrete that are great options as well. 

Kitchen Designs

Kitchen Makeover

The design, build and layout of the kitchen is really important to those who like to cook.  If you are a chef in your own home, then you should have enough counter space to prep as well as cook.  Preparing meals in a small kitchen shouldn’t be a task or chore due to the layout and lack of storage area.  

Storage area is another reason people call on a kitchen remodeling company.  Storage in our kitchens is essential that a professional kitchen remodeler does highly recommend.  However, there are many ways to squeeze in more storage with a custom pantry.  During your kitchen renovation process, you should discuss with your kitchen remodeler the options that would work for you.  

Kitchen Renovation

Gutting your kitchen area and starting all over is really exciting.  Getting all new cabinets, countertops, flooring, hardware, appliances, and sink is a lot of decisions, however, most can make these rather quickly.  It is a lot of fun for many people as they get to see all the different options and put together something fabulous to achieve the best kitchen design. Renovating it will make your new kitchen have that award-winning look. Call today and let’s get started in putting our expertise to your personalized kitchen remodel.

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