Detached garage vs attached garage

A garage is an essential space for people to store outdoor items such as gardening supplies, sporting goods, tools, bikes, and of course our vehicles.  However, there are two types of garages out there, and which one is best for your needs?

As a garage builder, we see the pros and cons of attached vs detached garages.

Garages are not a size fits all.  Like homes, they are unique to each family or home and the solution could be very different from one to another.

Attached Garages

The attached garages are what the name implies.  They are attached to the residence in some fashion or are an extension of the main house.  Often there is a door leading to the inside of the home from the garage for convenient access.  Attached garages are the most common form of garages and are convenient as an extension of the home in which storage can be just a door away.

Some advantages of attached garages are:

  • Can raise the property value
  • Satisfies certain homeowner association requirements
  • Have the ability to use the electricity and heat that is already a part of the home.
  • Less expensive to build
  • Convenient to use and is great for bad weather

While the attached garage has some amazing pros, there are, of course, some cons.

  • May require more expensive building permits when constructed
  • May compromise the look of the home
  • Difficult to expand on at a later date.
  • Increase in fire risk
  • Increased security risk
  • Harder to fit onto a narrow lot

While attached garages are nice, they do have a bit of a security issue. An attached garage is especially true for those with electric garage door openers as there are devices that can override this. 

Detached Garages

Detached garages are not attached to the residence.  They are simply a stand-alone building.  Detached garages can be right by the residence or they can be far away on the property.  Detached garages are typically larger than attached.

Let's take a look at the pros of a detached garage.

  • Might increase the resale value.  
  • Improves curb appeal
  • More secure
  • Easier to add on and expand on
  • More room for workplaces, storage and cars
  • Freedom of the size and location.
  • Can be as big or small as you’d like without having to match the residence.

Most of the time the detached garages are typically much larger and more spacious.  Many people that are in construction, welding, car repair, and other hobbies typically take up more room.  Detached garages can also be used for business as well without compromising entrance into the residence.

While there are many pros to a detached garage, there are some cons as well.

  • May not be allowed by homeowners association
  • May take up too much of the yard
  • Requires separate utilities to be installed
  • More expensive to build
  • Less convenient access to the house

Most people find that inconvenience or if it does not offer easy access is a problem. If you park your car in the unattached garage then you have to walk across the yard space to get inside.  It is harder to drag your groceries and children across the yard area after each trip.  The second biggest drawback for people is the cost.  With additional utilities and it is a whole separate building, it can be much more costly to build.

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